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Wim Noordam is a designer and an artist. After having enjoyed his basic training at the Willem de Kooning Academy, he set up his own design agency dubbed Fine Graphic. The wealth of experience he has gleaned over the years working as a graphic designer is reflected in his works of art. Some of his artworks he refers to as Graphic Realism. These are works that have layers which are subtly and fascinatingly seen to interweave. Various elements are identifiable, segueing into each other to make up a new and original whole. In creating these works of art, he resorts to a multitude of different techniques which he mixes up. The final result is printed on metal as just one substrate material he uses, with some of his works going out strictly as one-offs. Which means there is only one original.

He currently lives and works in Roosendaal, between the port cities of Antwerp and Rotterdam. The broad concept that is “maritime” is frequently seen to crop up in his body of work. Yet, there are many topics that take his interest: industry, landscapes, portraits, current affairs, etc. which he manages to capture in an engaging manner, sometimes covering just a single topic such as a townscape or a detail of a machine. Oftentimes they are a composite of several things all higgledy piggledy combined into a fascinating whole. His work is considered and kind-hearted, not sinister or garish.

Alongside the many works he produces under his own steam as an artist, he also works to commission for businesses and private individuals. As a designer, he is used to translating disparate wishes into an appealing image. His graphic art, however, is even more of a conduit for his own style and skills, allowing more leeway for experimentation, whilst consistently delivering refreshingly quirky and delightful results. The process is creative and fun to both the artist and the patron. One crucial component of his art is photography. Which explains why he often sets out camera in hand, spending the night elsewhere or not as the case may be. Wim views his graphic art as a way of life. His works are increasingly gaining appeal around the globe, in quite a few cases through business customers.